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"Georgia, I deserved this!"
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Friday, 13 October 2006 14:49

{mosimage}„Georgia is very beautiful“, says Klaus Toppmöller, „sunny, with many winegrowing areas and great food. I believe that I deserved this.”

In an interview given to the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine on 02.10., Klaus Toppmöller talks about football, sun and why his wife is against a comeback as a club coach in the bundesliga.


Which was the last progress of the Georgian national team that made you happy?

I travelled to Milan with the president of the football federation and signed a sponsoring deal with Diadora there. I want things to go ahead. Before, the federation had to buy the jerseys for the national team for the buying price from Puma.

You are not only the coach, but also the organizer and development worker?

The job has many aspects. That’s what makes it so interesting. In the beginning of the year we were working on the new stadium in Tbilisi, the new lawn, boxes and so on. I am taking care of the further education of coaches. The president helps me wherever he can, he is very active. Please write that we cooperate very well and accomplished a lot already.

Is this one of those billionaires?

He is a lawyer and lives in Germany for many years. His father was coach and manager of Dinamo Tbilisi in their golden years, when they won the cup winners cup in 1981. Nodar Akhalkatsi, that’s the name of my president. Please don’t mistake him with his predecessor, sometimes that is mixed up. The previous one is sitting in jail for some twisted dealings. That is not him!

How often are you in Georgia?

This year I will be there for approximately 130 days. In the rest of the time I observe my players which play in different european clubs. My brother Heinz helps me, he coaches the U19. Ralf Minge is the coach of the U21.

How good is your team?

Raymond Domenech, the coach of France, the team we faced in the qualifying (0:3), told me at a conference, that we play at least as well as Italy. If everyone is fit I have seven, eight brilliant players in the team. Kaladze from AC Milan, Asatiani from Locomotive Moscow, who is on Chelseas list, Khizanishvili from Blackburn. That is my defence. In front I have Kobiashvili from Schalke, or Arveladze in the attack who plays in Alkmaar and was dutch top scorer.

That would be your best line-up.

Sure, if one of these boys is not available, the level drops drastically.

What is the problem of the Georgian football?

They have good players, but many of them lack discipline and will power. If a Mertesacker blasts in-between, than they creep away.

Are the experience and learning effects missing?

Our problem is that the young players migrate in masses to Russia and Ukraine where they earn 1000-2000 dollars instead of 100-200 in Georgian league. But from one hundred players maybe only one makes it to the first team. The rest does not make it and either comes back after two, three years or moves to smaller countries like Moldavia or Latvia where they earn a bit. Their career is than over. Right now I live from those who made it abroad. In future we must do very much for the development of the juniors.

So a win against the Germans on next Saturday would do you well.

The more important game is the one against Italy four days later. Of course we want to play well against Germany – and we are not going to lose 0-13 like San Marino.

In Rostock you will be back in the spotlights of the German football-publicity after a long absence. How did the coach Toppmöller change?

As a national team coach one learns much more about international football. In the bundesliga I was always the ego of a club and only concentrated on the next opponent.

You are the last German coach who led a team to the final of the champions league.

Thats true. People throughout the Europe were really excited back then. I was often spoken to.

Some disappointments and suspensions followed. After the Hoyzer-scandal, that affected your team Hamburg, you made signs that you want to leave.

In such moments a feeling comes up that everything in this business is lies and deception. A dirty establishment. But after two months break you want to come back.  I cant get away from football. Nobody can take the joy of it from me, even if I lose ten games in a row.

And with Georgia you have much joy?

We can play against the best teams of the World – France, Germany, Italy. That’s really great. And Georgia is additionally very beautiful, sunny, with many winegrowing areas. And great food. I believe that I deserved this.

Does that mean that the bundesliga is not appealing for the coach Toppmöller anymore?

When I see the faces of some bundesliga colleagues on TV, it gives me the creeps. The whole stress, and then I always ask myself whether I looked the same.

So you exclude a comeback as a club coach in Germany?

No! As a man mad on football I can’t exclude anything. My wife would be happy if I excluded this. Now, in this job, she has more of me and can travel with from time to time. This is a much more convenient life than in the bundesliga, but I do not want to make a final decision.

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