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Mamia Jikia Interview
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Wednesday, 24 January 2007 12:09
{mosimage}Mamia Jikia is playing in Poland for over 10 years now. Read about his current situation and feelings in this interview given to the polish journal “Pilka Nozna”.

On January 15th Jikia, who started his career in Shevardeni Tbilisi, has signed a 1,5 year contract with Ruch Chorzów. Ruch was his first team in Poland and he stayed at the club for six years. Now, the 31 year old Jikia returned to the club after 4 years spent at Amica Wronki, Wisla Plock and LKS.

MJ - In the club there is no player I had played with during my previous stay, but I got to know some of the current players at other places before.

In summer you returned  to the 1st Division, and after only half an  year you're back in the Division two

MJ - The reasons of changing the team are not connected with the sport, but I don't want to talk about it.

Was it the main reason that you've played so rarely in LKS this autumn?

MJ - Yes, because in the friendlies I always used to play in the first team, I was well prepared to the season. If my form was the only factor, I would appear more often in the first eleven.

Maybe after Ireneusz Kowalski, Dariusz Klus and Rafal Niznik have left LKS (all of them are central midfielders) recently, it would have been easier to win the place in the team? {mosimage}

MJ - I don't think so. But please don't ask me, I don't want to comment on that situation. I've changed the club and it's the only thing which counts now.

During your last stay at Chorzów you were playing in the team together with Marek Wlecialowski, the current coach of Ruch, so it should be easier to get the place in the team…

MJ - If I am in a good form, I'll play. For sure the coach won't put his former colleagues to play.

You've played 190 matches in the Polish First Division. The only foreigner to play more was Andrzej Michalczuk. Wouldn't it be worth trying to fight for becoming the foreign player with most appearances?

MJ - That's only statistics. It's not the most important thing, but I must say it would be nice to be the most capped. Anything can be reached. In half years time - I strongly believe - we'll make it to the First Division, and then I'll have an opportunity to play more matches and to beat the record.

And what if Ruch doesn't get a promotion? Will you stay at the club?

MJ - I believe it's impossible. And if the promotion is reached, I'll stay at Chorzów for sure.

You have been playing in Poland for 10 years. Where wil youl live after finishing your career?

MJ - Probably I'll go back to Georgia, because I have family there. But I will be coming back to Poland gladly, as I have a lot of friends here. For me Poland is the second motherland, I've learnt your language quickly and I feel really good here.


Thanks to Marcin for the translation of this article.

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