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New Chat Available
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Wednesday, 03 May 2006 15:22
{mosimage} In order to unburden the communication on matchdays of Georgian NT, there is a new chat available from now on. 
Read on for the information about the login process. 
To enter the chat just click on the "Java Webchat" link on the left. A new windows opens and if you have Java Runtime installed, the Java plugins starts. Otherwise download the latest Java Runtime at http://www.java.com and check your browser settings.
The Java Webchat automatically connects to the IRC Server irc.euirc.net and joins the channel #geofootball.com. Your standard nickname is something like geofootball or geo569. If you want another nickname type '/nick yournewnickname' without the '.
You are also welcome to join the channel with an instant messenger like trillian, gaim, kopete, mIRC, miranda or other ones.
In the next days i will list up all commands you have in the Java Webchat.  
Last Updated on Saturday, 22 July 2006 21:29